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Helping Your Relationship

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Sex Therapy for Couples

How is the intimacy in your relationship?

Does your sex life need a boost, a fresh start or an entire makeover? Do you and your partner differ radically in your sexual needs or timing? Maybe unresolved issues have lowered your desire?

If so Couples Counseling with an emphasis on Sex Therapy would be of value to you. Email me and let's see if an appointment with me will be right for you.    

Do you need an improvement in your sexual communication as a Couple?

The majority of people enter a relationship because of their sexual attraction to each other. It's that desire to be close, share pleasure and feel safe that pulls us toward one person over someone else. Chemistry is primal and cannot be manufactured from superficial stuff.

As a Therapist I've seen that the pressures of life, strained communication and emotional baggage can sometimes get in the way of intimacy and sexual satisfaction. I'm trained to help Couples negotiate this area of relationship.

When you see a Therapist for counseling about the sexual side of your marriage you can expect to feel some relief. You will have the ability and the place to be totally honest about your feelings and needs.

Sex Therapy for Married and Committed Couples is a delicate area and one that I treat with sensitivity and insight. I deal with areas of sexuality that are psychological and emotional in nature. (I don't treat sexual addiction or medical issues, but I may be able to provide you with a referral.)

Email is the best way to reach me

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Dona Laressa Desmond PhD


Sex drive out of sync with partner

Too busy or angry for sex

Changes in partner's sex drive

Foreplay mapping

Intimacy rehab at home

Needs and desires

Getting in the mood

Defining your needs

Increasing intimacy

Sexual misunderstandings

Poor communication about sex

Improving your sex life

Sex Therapy for Committed Couples Santa Monica 90404

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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