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Helping Your Relationship

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Angry Relationship Recovery

Stop arguing, lower resentments and get past anger

Do you find that you're having the same argument over and over? Let me help you resolve it and move on. I can show you healthy ways to get your point across without emotional damage. It's important to avoid accusations, distancing and punishing behaviors. As your Therapist I can help you with emotional management and better communication. Counseling can help you lower tensions and secure your relationship.


Threatening to leave





Slamming doors

These are forms of communication that backfire.





Rejecting apologies


Dragging up the past

Here are some thoughts for you to consider about relationship conflict

Too often, in relationships, frustration leads to angry resentments and power struggles. Damaged trust is another trigger for arguments. It's true that some people argue because they need to be right about everything, however, most Couples argue because they are genuinely trying to resolve something but don't know how or can't get their partner on the same page.

Clear up misunderstandings and areas of low trust

In our sessions together I will help you express your needs and frustrations without losing your temper. During counseling you'll learn to let go. I'll show you ways to disagree without damaging each other. One of the most significant ways to decrease tension is to learn conflict resolution and problem solving and this is an area of expertise for me. From there bridges to real understanding can be built.

Bring me your relationship struggles and I will help you stop arguing and learn to communicate without hurting each other

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Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

Couples Therapy, PreMarital and Marriage Counseling

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