D. Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy & Marriage  Counseling


30 years experience helping Couples in the LA area

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Couples Communication   Most relationship issues can be solved with improved communication. This is an area of expertise for me. Click here to see how I can help you.

Marriage Counseling   Are you worried about some aspect of your marriage? Going through a rough patch? Click here for my services.

Angry Relationship Recovery   If anger is damaging your resilience click here. I can help you communicate differently, get closer to your partner and learn to resolve things in a better way.

Break Painful Relationship Patterns   Are misunderstandings and frustrating patterns impacting your relationship? Does your partner drive you crazy, but you still love them? If so I can help you. Click here to learn more.

Avoid Break Ups   Is your relationship in a destructive pattern? Need to pull things back from the edge? If so click here and find out how I can help you with Couples Counseling.

Sex Therapy for Couples   Passion gets off track for many reasons. I can help you make positive changes in this sensitive, but important area. Click here to learn more.

Infidelity    Perhaps the worst has happened. You didn't see it coming and you're in shock. Can trust be restored? Infidelity raises so many questions. Click here for help.

Second Marriage   There is a high success rate for marriages formed in mid-life. They can be a wellspring of hope and lessons learned. It's a balancing act. Click here to learn how I can help you make the most of it.

Resentment Recovery   This has its own special challenges. I have experience counseling couples in this situation. Click here to learn more.

PreMarital Counseling    In love and ready for the next step? Want to insure the best chance for a successful marriage? With a few sessions of PreMarital Counseling I can help you secure the pillars of a lasting and happy marriage. Click here for more.

Client Reviews   See what clients have to say about Couples Therapy results with me.

Ways I can help you   I counsel traditional & non traditional relationships.

Fees, Payments & Insurance   Affordable Couples Therapy, many fee options, Pre-paid

Package Deals

Video Therapy sessions   I offer a $30 discount on a 60 min video session, FaceTime, Google Duo for Couples & Individuals

Problem Solving Skills for Couples   Learn skills for solving problems smoothly without arguments or power struggles.    

Help for Grief and Loss   Sometimes heartache is almost too much. Therapy can be a light in the dark room.

Rebooting Relationship   Long term relationships can get in a rut or off in the weeds. Maybe your's needs a reboot?

Relationship Repair   This is a structured program that I provide that gives you specific skills in a methodical manner over a three month period.

Infidelity Cheating Affairs   If this link is for you then you are most likely in pain & shock.

Office Locations   I have 3 lovely office locations, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, office hours include evenings & Sundays.

FAQs  What does it take to be a therapist & other questions?

Same Sex Couples Therapy   Love is love. Period.

About me   My training, certifications, experience.

Conflict Resolution for Committed Couples    Learning how to avoid escalation & move into the solution zone.

Contact me  Drop me a detailed note. Happy to hear from you.

Couples Therapy Overview

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Couples therapy and Communication 90066, 90404, 91364, 90025, 90028, 90026, 90024, 90036, 90046, 90049, 90292, 91403, 91302

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