D. Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy & Marriage  Counseling


30 years experience helping Couples in the LA area

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What makes me unique as a therapist?

Actually there are several unique qualities that I bring to my clinical practice.

One interesting aspect is the way that I began my practice in the Los Angeles area. After graduation and internship, I launched my practice by doing house calls. The population that I initially served was those who were homebound due to PTSD or anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia. Their fragile emotional state was such that they couldn't leave their home to attend therapy.

The range of my client base extended from Santa Clarita to Santa Monica. During those home sessions, of course, it was often the case that other family members would be present,  usually a spouse. It became efficient to include them in the sessions and via that I began to understand the contagious nature of emotions inside a relationship. As this process evolved I branched out in deeper theoretical and practical ways for helping couples.

My clientele included celebrities, scientists, housewives, ranchers, first responders, law enforcement, wall street executives, tech folks, film industry executive and creatives. I am happy to extend my expertise to help you with your relationship needs.


When should you see a Couples Therapist ?

If you are an adult you will already know that many problems in life can be solved on your own with insight and determination. For Couples however, things can get complicated. You may find that you enjoy a high level of cooperation and easy communication in most areas of your life except with the person that you love the most. Not to worry. It's no ones fault, it's just the complex nature of relationships.

Emotional conflicts can be confusing, draining and time consuming. Despite our best efforts certain areas can get stuck. When you run into problems that are beyond your best abilities to resolve it's a good time to seek counsel from a Couples Therapy specialist. When it comes to relationship issues, often times the objectivity of a therapist can be a revelation and a source of great comfort, along with objective advice.

How long does Couples Therapy last?

The length of therapy is up to you. You can base your sessions on results achieved or on your budget. Whatever works for you.

What kind of training do you need to become a therapist?

In the state of California you need at least a Master's Degree or a Doctorate. After you get that you become an intern, and see clients in a supervised setting for 3,000 hours. When completed you apply for a state license and sit for a stringent state exam.

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