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Resentment Recovery

Couples Therapy for Resentment

Whatever your situation, if you are dealing with resentment you can feel better and let your heart grow lighter. Let an experienced Couples Therapist help you with a few therapy sessions might benefit your situation. I am available at my multiple locations and via video.

Sometimes there are issues from the past that you have neither forgotten nor forgiven, but circumstance has forced you to move on anyway. You know you still feel resentment but fear it may never be resolved. The resentment grates on your happiness.

Sometimes it's something that you parter did when you first met or a friend of theirs that you always disliked but have to be around, or a family member who sabotages your best efforts. You feel stuck.

Talking it out and feeling finally understood would bring some fresh iair into your heart.

If you are curious to know more email me with some details about your situation and I can explain further.

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Help for relationship resentment woodland hills 91364

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

Couples Therapy, PreMarital and Marriage Counseling

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Resentment is like rust, it simmers under the surface and insidiously corrodes your attitude and ability to fully enjoy your relationship.

Often resentment is built of too many small unspoken hurts but sometimes there has been a huge emotional event that left you wounded.

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