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Reviews from Clients

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

Expert Couples Counseling and Life Coach

"...I'm really grateful we found you to help us out. This is the toughest time we’ve been through in our marriage. Thank you again for your help." Clients - Northridge, CA


"...Hello Dona, it was very nice meeting with you yesterday. We really felt comfortable with you and look forward to the work we will do."  Clients - West Hills, CA


"...You have been so helpful! Thank you so much! We will follow up with the suggestions you gave us. Again your help is so appreciated!  You have reminded us that there are good people out there, and have helped us feel supported and confident about reaching out for help."   Clients - Gendale, CA


"...I was interested in couples therapy for my fiancé and myself due to experiencing a difficult time due to an infidelity issue which I recently found out about.  I got laryngitis and completely lost my voice from crying so much this close to our wedding next month. Thank you for helping us with this and showing us some hope and conflict solving tools." Clients - Culver City, CA


"...My husband and I went through infertility for 3.5 years, having 4 IUIs, 2 surgeries, 3 IVFs and 2 miscarriages.  Now we're waiting to be picked through an adoption agency. I know it will happen eventually it is all just a matter of time.  Anywhooo, it' s been really hard on me as you know since my sisters pregnant again. I just feel so sad for me and my hubby.We really needed a therapist to help with the emotional load which was tearing us up. Your calm guidance and understanding is a god send. We appreciate what you're doing for our marriage." Clients - Marina Del Rey, CA


"...As you know my boyfriend and I have been going through a lot latly and we need this therapy because we can't seem to understand or let go of our hurt. Last nights session was a lift. Thanks you for listning and helping us. We appreciate your ideas." Clients - Studio City, CA


"...We were referred by our son’s therapist to Dona Desmond. He recommended her as a couples therapist for my wife and I. We never compromise on anything plus I can't do right whatever I do. It just saddens me for everything to be a battle. My wife says our marriage is too much pain & she thinks I hate everything which is unbelievable to me. We have marriage counseling twice a month because of my travel schedule. Dona is fair to us both and works with our schedule. We have been getting better and I think its because she helps us communicate in her office. It is a slow go but we both feel a light and some hope." Clients - Agoura Hills, CA


"...I'm relationship savvy, but I still went through amazingly confusing times in my relationship. Dona grounded me when I felt like a plastic bag in the wind. What I liked was her experience and perspective, and how she applied it to me. I work in film so I'm also a stickler for authenticity." Clients -  Hollywood, CA


"...Thanks for your help.  We feel comfortable with your knowledge and professional attitude. Our sessions with you are amazing. My girlfriend feels the change now and ditto for me." Clients - Brentwood, CA